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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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critical logical breaks groups say. that's where people are forced to. watch a close up of the party. this is r t n tonight american forces x. top commander in afghanistan says that after ten years of waging a deadly war in the country they still don't know how to bring the conflict to an end. libyan and nato forces launched the biggest assault yet on colonel gadhafi hometown so as civilians flee the last remaining stronghold in panic. and from occupy wall street of occupied washington the growing wave of theory of a corporate gladly reaches the u.s. capitol the people demanding an end to the rule of the. coming up on business see the international monetary fund calls on grassroots of i was a boy away from oil and gas to reduce the impact of global financial turmoil more
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and twenty minutes. welcome it's nine pm here in moscow kevin zero in bringing you the top stories from r.t. tonight and first a decade ago on october the seventh two thousand and one the war in afghanistan began as a counter strike for the nine eleven atrocities masterminded from the country by osama bin laden retired army general stanley mcchrystal said the u.s. began the occupation with a frighteningly simplistic view and still have no idea how to end the conflict successfully in the war zone american bases are still expanding providing it's full time personnel with all the comforts of home jason mattera reports from back. if united states is drawing its troops from afghanistan why is its largest base getting bigger u.s.
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led forces overread to tell about it late two thousand one. little more than a flight to correct road work since then a former soviet base in the plains north of the afghan capital has grown into a small city but still do over twenty five thousand full time personal fleets of military hardware in the theaters to cross traffic jams in the expansion is no way aided by scores of colored trackers u.s. military engineers are constructing new housing and storage facilities to make room for even more media world after sending an extra thirty thousand troops to afghanistan last year president obama started bringing them home this summer but with afghan forces struggling to stand alone it's likely a bit less will even planned in bases like this one it's hard going to shrink in time so. at least there are plenty of home comforts for soldiers staying on for tough among appointments they can shop for everything from flat screen t.v.'s to fine jewelry enjoy a cappuccino and grab some take out a new piece not for insurance anything tired of working out imagine they're free to
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go to the salon for a haircut and such although some officials have tried to limit such a minute he's calling him a distraction from the war the troops are happy to have and these are extremely well you know if enough people see this line of thought and advocate that the right . local afghan merchants are also glad to have the extra business both inside and outside the wire although not i dream of the soldiers my business would be nothing we like having them here but not everyone agrees diddly telephone rocket attacks are on the rise and as the base becomes more and more crowded and the threat to those living inside multiplies no matter how high it's almost become ever right it's a close call when you this can just get this much equipment personnel dissolve into one tight spot get close it's going to destroy something or someone easy as it may be to forget the times this is still a war zone jason not alone in going for
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a team. and while john allen one of the military's top brass said u.s. troops will still be in the country even after the twenty four twenty fourteen pullout deadline had been announced by nato at the white house with us insurgent attacks have been increasing in recent months with several high profile assassinations and shootouts in the heart of the capital kabul as we've been reporting civilian casualties also as we've been reporting are on the rise the u.s. led campaign in afghanistan has failed to me most of its original goals because according to our military contributor here they are shifting and as the war drags on the initial intent was crystal clear to catch or kill osama bin laden no strings attached period but from the outset the operation has gotten the wrong turn and today ten years later it's painfully obvious bad it has diggin aerated into their mission creep with the open ended
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commitment and no graceful exit. for the united states forces or peace and security for the afghan people w. bush administration. has ignored the key principle keep it simple stupid advocated by the u.s. special operations command and undermined. their efforts in their pay to stay any afghan. tribal belt. otherwise. today we would have celebrated the tenth anniversary of the mission accomplished. smarties military contributes to colonel is going to khrushchev with his assessment of the walls progress from the afghan capital. which american. target. is to. the food you were supposed. to be sure to bring peace and
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stability to the world. but you. don't have to. libyan fighters have launched a final attack on colonel gadhafi hometown of sirte reports say the interim government's troops have now largely taken the city but they are still meeting pockets of heavy resistance hundreds of vehicles are pouring into the outskirts of the city is pounded with heavy shelling though thousands of civilians have left many more are thought to have remained the sole comes after going to dauphin and all the a message urged libyans to resist the interim leaders of more now assist in the situation the region let's go to london i'll talk to succumb chan an activist and film is joining some the program so you can very good evening chief thanks for being with us again as a final push is under way to take said is a good time i guess to stand back and recall that nato joined the campaign under
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a u.n. mandate to protect civilians already of course thousands of lives have been lost do you think the intervention was justified. intervention was justified if you'll be you know part of the elites of the west if you're part of the energy companies and the financial institutions and the intelligence services all of which by the way who swapped seats in terms of the executive positions in the different respective companies from the part of the global south africa in particular has been an absolute disaster and i think when china in this last few days china and russia have vetoed the un resolution which is a similar program by nato which they cannot from libya that they want to conduct now in syria i think china and russia have admitted that they were fooled over the resolution one hundred seventy three on one libya and they're not going to be fooled again so that no is this business of being a disaster for the global south including russia and china and i'm going to be reading some of the means book called beyond usa germany printed two thousand and
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six and he makes clear back in two thousand and six that the war in iraq now the war in libya and the trial in syria is actually targeted really at china russia and india so some people who fled the ongoing violence we've heard reported by claiming that nato has been hitting homes and hospitals it's not a new accusation will the alliance you think it will find itself answering directly for any of those claims. well actually the a.f.p. has been some of the best news while on the civilian situation in sirte and of course in this is complete i mean to call it hypocrisy is to give too much credit to nato which is this is our right state to conduct domination and monopolization of libya's wealth but actually now it's really clear to the world and unfortunate again the western mainstream press is now reporting this but civilians are clearly targeted and you can read it on the air. and it's you know it's very clear that this is this that this is this is a town which is basically empty of civilians so much so so much so has the nato
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bombing and the offensive by the rebels taken such a toll on the civilians there nevertheless still resisting and also the media's not talking about ben who will lead basically the rebels in libya have given up and taking over when he will leave and also just about sixty kilometers east of tripoli i think there's another town that's going over to gadhafi side so the battle is far from over so you say they've given up about it really do you say we're going to have more about that than in the coming weeks coming months maybe as this drags on meantime nature is maintaining it will continue its attacks in libya until the fighting ends how capable libya's new really new rulers be of leading the country after nato leaves whenever that is. there's no sign whatsoever that nato is going to leave nato i just said that it will intervene even further if the faction amongst the rebels continues to this is the relationship continues to worsen and it's very clear that for the west and for nato there are many on the ground is people like jabril and and although they've been in alliance with hugs from the
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libyan islamic fighting group very recently they much prefer real and genuine and they will intend to give bill hard and his fighters the chop whether that's possible is another situation altogether and also now with president assad who is doing the right thing for any leader of the global south to say if you touch me nato well i'm going to i'm going to start bombing israel i gave hizbullah to start bombing israel and iran will target western interests in the gulf this is the only way to face the world bullies which is which is nato yeah i mean a moron who says that you know the un resolution against syria might open the door now to military action do you think we're going to see a repeat in syria of what we see the libya we have to be that's the global south has to be again very vigilant because i think now i mean the financial times has admitted a few weeks ago that their choice ally in the region now is actually turkey and the
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transitional council so-called in syria which is modeling itself on the pro nato council in libya are calling openly for a no fly zone no fly zone implemented on syria through the turks and the turkish government is conducting a military exercise in the coming days on the border with syria so turkey is the weak link in the global south and i think russia and china and iran will be looking to to to put under my nose and to stop turkey from being the trojan horse of nato currently and an activist journalists thank you bring on the program live from london tonight. thank you and still to come in the program here when our teams are national the u.k. may be facing. economic crisis in history the bank of england warning as the country feels the bike to recession by mr grady and the government implementing desperate measures to boost growth in government for america. plus russian prosecutors prepare to bring you charges for the murder of journalist anna politkovskaya shocked added moscow exactly five years ago. because from
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the occupy wall street protests have reached the american capital charm think the movement's message crowds march through downtown washington d.c. the demonstrations started as a simple search in front of the new york stock exchange to quickly game support all over the country more rallies then followed in chicago boston some francisco in los angeles i do say they're fed up with breaking their backs to work with bonuses flow into the pockets already wealthy wall street bankers on wednesday police used pepper spray and pass on to disperse tens of thousands of people. to use street and it was called lookup eye wall street activist who gave his experience of being beaten by police he also told us that the lack of definite demands of the movement in fact its strength. i think actually it's an interesting contrast in the response . of the first. instance. i have to
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this. whole. i think here there's an incredible strength. i don't really think this has to come up with this occupation he. responds to the roots of the movement. the service added randomness of the. possible rules for time for the royals for example. aboard the crew starts are free to clear out the stories for this. will cross the atlantic the u.k. has now become the latest nation to feel the pinch of the global financial crisis ratings giant moody is downgraded twelve of britain's financial firms and banks including more bank of scotland and lloyds t.s.b. it comes after the bank of england chief said the country's economies of its lowest
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point since the one nine hundred thirty s. if not ever its grim picture let's talk more about that with mark littlewood he's director general of the u.k.'s free market think of economic affairs very good evening thanks for being with us so what do you read into this latest ratings downgrade how grave a warning is it. it is a great warning but it's also a welcome warning what we've got to get away from in the united kingdom and actually right across the western world more generally is this idea that every single bank is culpable because if they get into trouble the taxpayer will cry all them out and one of the key things that the u.k. government is struggling with is how do we allow our pain to go through the wall to fail without actually destroying the wider economy and i think that these these downgrades of our banks actually reflect the fact that we are beginning to move away from what was a hopeless and helpless situation in which basically every bank you really crashed
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in the taxpayer in the government would come to the right so it's a grim warning but in the same lie as you would wish to have an almost toy notice from your doctor about your state of health i think it is a welcome one ok well i'm on thursday that by giving announced today the cash injection of seventy five billion pounds into the british economy is going to put it back on track that the gold palace a year. no i don't think so actually i'm pretty skeptical that it will do any good at all apart from possibly fuel inflation we already have inflation of around about five percent in the united kingdom which compared to recent years this is hardly putting more money into the economy risks actually increasing that inflation is supposed to be the bank of england's central key task to actually keep inflation under control and a half percent or less concern is that quantitative easing throwing another seventy four billion pounds into the economy is actually a distraction from what the u.k. government needs which is
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a very aggressive and radical growth strategy one that i think they lack at the moment because i guess the history books show that it doesn't play out well just throwing money at the problem just in two thousand and nine after the lehmann crisis the bank of england jumped in it two hundred million pounds into the economy didn't work then either. didn't work there no i'm not confident that it would work there is one reason why you might want to throw money into the economy and that see if you think that your money supply isn't churning around enough in the technical toll on the velocity of the money supply is to go but there's no evidence to suggest that that's the case in the united kingdom what's really needed is the u.k. government to make the united kingdom a better place to do business we've got to actually call back on tight government freckle there in terms of business regulation over its first eighteen months in office is far less we've actually got to make it easier for enterprise the government's only taken a few steps in that direction it is only going to be a long slow plath back to recovery in the united kingdom but we've got to stop
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taking the first few steps by making it easier not harder to do business here when we talk about reading the signs reading the tea leaves talk about short memories to a lot of this week when the u.k. champs of the exchequer george osborne was grilled over the very policy of quantitative easing the effectively denied it was the act of a desperate government no not one of the clock back that's a criticism he level while he was in opposition so i may be read into this that all options are now exhausted. i don't think all options are exhausted this is quite a desperate measure you don't want to be falling back on constantly and throwing another seventy five billion but the money supply but we shouldn't we shouldn't be overstating things too much listen the u.k. economy is about flat lining it's not growing it's not as if you're obviously going backwards it's going to be difficult to get out of this mess the government is right to start to try and get the public finances under control to stop spending more than it's bringing in in tax it's going to be
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a long slow road to recovery but i don't think the u.k. government yet is showing much imagination or merely your ideas in how you actually build on that recovery there's no magic wand there's nothing that can be done to suddenly get the u.k. economy booming again within twelve months but you've actually got to put some real structural train using place to make sure that over the next five years we actually do start to see economic growth back at around two or three percent that's about what the u.k.'s been used to roll over than flatlining it nor the city or worse still going backwards and i don't think that the u.k. government actually amounts to a scratch yet he's actually fiddling around with various very small measures in the labor market rather than being sufficiently decisive so yes this is a textbook measure but i think that there are more things the government could do you could actually just the political will and the courage to do that while there were direct journal of the u.k. free market think. economic affairs really good to get your expert opinion on r.t.
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thank you. here russian prosecutors are said to have fresh charges to key suspects in the murder of prominent journalist anna politkovskaya five years ago she was gunned down in her apartment block here in moscow but while the case is drawing worldwide attention no word yet been convicted of the murder and. family who is still saying they're waiting to see justice done. for police who worked on this day five years ago it was a murder of a woman huff way through their shift around four pm for a beautiful of course it was hard way through her pregnancy when she got a call her mother had been shelled outside her apartment it was a watershed moment and there is life before and after it is no storm when you might be seeing you that i was well aware what kind of journalism my mother was into she would ok janelle is see if something happens to me documents are the money's here
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here are all the numbers to call but we never really took it seriously i was four months pregnant the family was full of who and my mother promised that after her first grandchild was born she would stop going to church now and take up quite a journalistic work. but quiet journalistic work is not something you would associate on a political scale with she investigated corrupt security officials and exposed to human rights violations she help people when there are cases in the highest courts in russia and in strasbourg but the irony is that five years later your own mother still remains unpunished for you has there been different periods in the process both busy when certain people were arrested almost simultaneously in two thousand and seven and passive when nothing was happening however events of recent months give us certain optimism presents us for ending successful in terms of finding the mastermind of the murder i can tell you about it in a decision was after five years ago as it is now this time i would have had more
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evidence. for the twenty eleven has indeed been a turning point in may prosecutors named a man who is believed to have pulled the trigger. mahmoud of was arrested in trichy out two years on the run in belgium and shortly afterwards investigators announced they were close to solving one of the most high profile slayings in misimpression memory. a former high ranking police official that's mutually publishing co that was a middleman for money agreed to organize a criminal mob consisting of four people it's a cardio pierce us nation he kept tabs on probably because the perpetrator with a gun and would organize other members of the group we also have other information about the alleged mastermind of the killing but it's too premature to release that information. not with any i'm not yet aware are not fully worked up until her death has been carrying out its own investigation into the journalists murder and use
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papers deputy editor says it's good that interest in the case is so high both in russia and abroad but it's bad when it turns into pressure on prosecutors or someone who from your friend's variables with the still believed. before people were my brothers and their friends. were created in two thousand the brain would your in some way to this merger but you cannot remain cord injury for the record it was a lack of solid evidence presented in court and always happens because there was a public pressure on the prosecution to rush to judgment we think there are races were too premature. with the russians supreme court. verdict of two thousand and nine that's what it's a real twenty not the investigation it's a significant part of the joint but it's certainly not beyond one of the biggest challenges for investigators at this point is to find other suspects who are now on
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the run outside the country but just like on a political scare herself her family and colleagues will never give up as these trying to find the truth it takes very little to describe someone's death in case of on the political scale just a dozen words on a piece of stone but these journalists life and her legacy could never fit in a forty by portie marble plates if you look at our children our teen moms. quickly check out our web site r t dot com a place for much more of the stories we're covering tonight addicted to crime russia considers drug use because of the number of narcotic felonies but a full report for you. also lost in translation a russian a flash mob on twitter celebrating probably the putting your money into a huge and. through three for us about it i.
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give it twenty four minutes past nine o'clock moscow time very good every company tonight in a few minutes time we'll report on life in the west bank town of hebron where palestinians are losing their homes to israeli settlers thirty minutes that shortly after the nice business up. glenn well welcome to the program the euro zone's a sovereign debt crisis is causing problems far beyond the borders of the countries directly involved russia which has a balanced budget and healthy reserves has been hit hard and its latest report the international monetary fund says the best way to get rid of this money or ability is to diversify away from energy we would recommend as we have always recommend that every effort be made to be less dependent on the oil and gas sectors so the policy priority to emphasize all other industries in particular the manufacturing sector a return to competitive exports and so forth russia has plenty of back system technology
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educated labor force we can see necessary to relaunch its manufacturing sector like all other advanced economies so that it'll be a first rate second we think that russia might want to continue emphasizing the stronger people the public finances the government has set a target of four point seven percent oil deficit that is a very valid target which would make the russian economy a lot more resilient in our view. russia's burbank is considering buying the turkish unit of troubled french belgian group next year and now it's struggling to cope with its exposure to greek debt and is considering an asset sale so that burbank say the deciding factor will be the price of the asset but the acquisition would be consistent with the bank's well publicized plan to expand into central and eastern europe. and other news russia's top diamond producer elder also plans to
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hold an i.p.o. at the end of twenty twelve or soon after vice president of our aussie good police chief says the state plans to privatized seven to ten percent of the company he also says are groceries restructuring in preparation for listing. that she would appear to have now in use pre-crisis volatile time we are in the ideal situation we are sitting on a big sack of money capitalize ation is better than before the two thousand and eight crisis and all sales volumes should champions performance in the coming days we will cognition or two thousand and eleven first draft report and we will post such figures as the company has never seen in its history because. now a quick look at the stock markets in russia the r.t.s. m i six continued their bounce back on friday gaining three and a two and a half percent respectively but overall the week was negative have a look at some individual share mergers on the my sex metal stocks were on the rise with metro adding almost six percent attach produce that wild card is among the
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main again is in the session that's up more than six percent on news of a two a half billion dollar buyback oil is also good in company plans to invest almost twenty billion dollars in refinery upgrades in ten years and its other lifting at i have seen a trickle wraps up of the straight. we were closing a little bit about for the opening of the week while. for last three days we see a significant let's say let's try to call the truly. like for some growth of the day and the steel it seems that some american sentiment from men's cultures we see the wall that he was still in place was super to school probably be in place for the next two weeks while still marcus rakes inquired well to come so it's a soft receive me and frank thing when other european authorities to get through the crisis are most important. and that's all the business from alcohol might start
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